When it comes to choosing a Bible study, many women long to go beyond studies that stay on the surface to walk deeper in their relationship with God.  The Nourish Bible Study Series is designed to nourish the intricate needs of a woman’s heart to equip her for the beautiful life she was created to live and give to others.

The Nourish Bible Study Series offers Bible studies with different lengths that use the Nourish Bible Study Method, commentary, and reflective questions. Uncover your full potential to live out your purpose as you make room for the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart and discover God’s timeless truth for real issues women face today.

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Dream Builder: A Study on Joseph and the Patriarchs
(170 pages, 6 weeks)

Like Joseph you were created for a purpose beyond yourself. Press beyond life’s challenges and move forward with God’s Dream for your life to become the woman God created you to be.

“Aliene has done a phenomenal job. The teaching is biblically grounded, culturally relevant, and immediately applicable. Combine this with the study method and you have a study to impact the rest of your life. I’ve personally heard numerous stories of God’s changing power in the lives of women that went through it. As a Pastor of Education in a large and diverse congregation, I can honestly say this study will stand the test of time.”


Radically Obedient: A Study of Joshua
(193 pages, 9 weeks)

Taking hold of your Spiritual Inheritance is not about a strict regimen you keep but a Redeemer you determine to follow. Just like Joshua was called to lead the Israelites out of the wilderness and into the Promised Land, the Holy Spirit is there to lead you into the life you were created and redeemed to live.

“God has used this study to teach me how to read the Word for myself and how to listen for His Voice. In doing that the Word has come alive and my relationship has grown to one of deep intimacy.”


You Belong to the Bridegroom: A Study on the Gospel of Mark (277 pages, 12 weeks)

Find your security as you trust in Jesus on a deeper level and say good-bye to insecurity, doubt, shame, worry, anxiety, and the need to control. Only Jesus can complete our lives and give us the security and freedom we need so we can truly give to others and make a difference.

“I have been participating in and leading women’s Bible studies for over a decade and I have never witnessed God transform lives and build intimacy between women more than when I led a group through You Belong to the Bridegroom.”


Here’s how our studies are designed to take you deep in your study of God’s Word.

  • Make room for the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart and gain personal direction and wisdom for your life as you apply the Nourish Bible Study Method to a set of core scriptures.

  • Address deep needs of your heart with our commentary written just for women.

  • Encounter the life-changing effects of God’s unconditional love through greater understanding of the truth.

  • Live in the freedom of your authentic identity as you hear from God personally through his word.

  • Gain depth and breath to your study of God’s Word by walking through entire passages of scripture.

“In a culture where formula and legalism often reign and walking intimately with Jesus and being led by His Spirit is often scoffed upon, Aliene holds a torch out to those who choose to live in abandonment to Jesus.”


“The Word of God, woven in every fiber of the workbook, is so powerful. I love the study approach.  I started a Bible study using this workbook and the feedback from the ladies is amazing! Several of the women have never been in a Bible study and are very encouraged to dive deeper into God’s Word!”


“Aliene has brilliantly written this study in such a way that the Word truly speaks for itself. Nothing conjured, it guides the reader in learning to hear the Lord’s voice themselves through the whole cannon of Scripture.”


“Aliene blends humor, real life stories and biblical truths in a way that makes the seemingly complex topic of following Christ, into the most amazing, natural way of living day to day.”


“This study has encouraged me to be bold and reclaim my security in Christ by the sincere knowledge that His Holy Spirit is speaking to my heart and leading me each day.”


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Each study in the Nourish Bible Study Series
follows a strategic framework:

  • The introduction chapter teaches the Nourish Bible Study Method, giving you a valuable tool you can use for a lifetime in your walk with Christ.

  • Chapter one lays a strong foundation for your journey by introducing the core concept and the biblical background for the study’s selected scriptures.

  • The remaining chapters blend inductive study and our devotional commentary to create the ideal marriage for a study that will take you deep into God’s Word.

    • Days 1–3: Apply the Nourish Bible Study Method to a set of core scriptures.

    • Days 4–6: Commentary written just for women springing from the core scriptures.

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